Eryn Goldberg – owner/head coach/CFL1

CrossFit came in to my life in 2011. I had just moved back to New Jersey after living in Hawaii and California for about 4 years after college.  I was a bit nomadic in my early 20’s. When I came back to NJ, I needed something I could do throughout the seasons. While I was living in Hawaii, I was all about running. I ran absolutely everywhere I could because it was so beautiful. When I lived in California, I was in Lake Tahoe, so every day was hiking the tallest mountain around and snowboarding down. But when I moved back to my home state of New Jersey, I found that running in that humidity was awful and unfortunately the mountains on the east coast were shameful compared to the west, so snowboarding took a back seat.  Thankfully a friend of mine knew that something was missing for me and he said, “you know what I think you would be really good at; CrossFit”. I had heard of it while in Hawaii in 2009. Two guy friends of mine had started CrossFitting and all I knew was that one day they were skinny with no muscle and in just a matter of months, they were completely shredded. I thought to myself the same thing that most people think when they look at the CrossFit body transformation…”I could never do that”….But I was wrong…I could do that, I did, and so can you!

My friend Matt trained me for a couple months and then I took what I had learned and brought it to a globo gym. I would do box jumps, go all out on the rowers, get down with some burpees. I didn’t really care what people thought of what I was doing because my heart rate was up and I was feeling my workouts. I wanted to join a CrossFit. I just couldn’t afford it. In hindsight, I wish I had even started sooner and found a way to pay that membership as soon as possible because once I got started, I was absolutely hooked.

One day I was headed to run some errands and I drove past a new CrossFit that had just opened up. I made a violent U-turn back into their parking lot and signed right up. I was ready to have someone teach me about this CrossFit stuff.  It’s amazing how much it has changed my life.  From total newbie, to becoming an athlete, becoming a coach, and now taking on the role of owner. I have found such a passion for CrossFit that I could not just sit back anymore and be just a member of a box. I wanted to be more than that. I want to be the person to teach you, help you, talk you through a tough class, and at the end of the day, be a person that you look and say, “I am so happy I came to CrossFit JuiceBox; it changed my life”, because that’s what I say about my CrossFit experience, it truly changed my life.

It’s not just that CrossFit makes you fitter. That’s a given. The ancillary effects of CrossFit is what I’ve almost found more inspiring. Because of CrossFit I am fit. But also, I am confident. I am fulfilled. I am eager. I am courageous. I am all of the things that people strive to become because I took the time to invest in myself. I beg of you to do the same. And one day, you will turn around and say, “CrossFit changed my life too.” And that feeling does not have a price tag associated with it. It’s just worth it.

I ended up in Mooresville, NC by absolute chance.  When I decided that I wanted to open my own gym, I knew that I didn’t want to open up where I was training.  Too often, it happens that an athlete such as myself, gets hooked, wants to open up, and then they open right on top of the people who taught them how to CrossFit in the beginning.  I wanted to grow a gym organically in a place I knew I wanted to stay.  I started my search for my new home last January and headed to Charleston, SC. As I was checking out potential location down there, my younger brother was offered a job in Charlotte.  To me it was a sign, not only could I be with my brother, but I could get close to the South, where I wanted to be.  I moved down in May 2014 and didn’t waste any time. I searched everywhere, from Charleston, SC to Nashville, TN.  I walked in to the space in Mooresville where CrossFit JuiceBox is and I knew as soon as I walked in that it was home.  I hope you’ll feel the same!

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at

Can’t wait to see you at the JuiceBox, #crushing WODS!



Justin Fisher – CFL1 Coach

Justin joined us on the coaching staff in August 2015 after being with us as a member as soon as we opened.  He’s incredibly passionate about CrossFit.   He’s a wealth of knowledge and we are so happy to have him on board! Justin is one of those rare people that as soon as he walked in the door, he was eager to learn, eager to listen, eager to try…and his eagerness allowed him to achieve all the goals he sets for himself, whether that be by winning our first nutrition challenge or by consistently hitting PR’s on his lifts, and by being absolutely fearlessly determined to get his muscles ups.  Justin always pushes himself and he instills that in the rest of the JuiceBoxers.  It’s truly a gift when you can watch someone like Justin grow from that “awkward foundations” stage, to an athlete with flawless movement! And then to be able to have someone like that want to teach priceless. We’re very lucky to have Justin born and bread out of CFJB!


Carson Smith – CFL1 Coach

Carson’s background in fitness is rooted in Mooresville, NC. Carson started playing soccer at Mooresville Middle School and took his career into Mooresville high school.  While in high school, he was also a part of both Charlotte Soccer Club and North Mecklenberg Soccer Association Academy Program.  After high school graduation, Carson received a scholarship to play at Catawba College. There he was a 4 year starter, team captain for 3 years, and all-conference for 3 years. His passion for sports and fitness led to a career in Nascar. While in Nascar and traveling on weekends, Carson managed to get his MBA.  Now, Carson works full time for Aramark and is a professional CrossFit coach in the evenings. He enjoys working with all of our athletes, both young and old, to help develop their specific skill sets.


kharea roseboro – CFL1

khareaKharea has been with us since our doors opened in 2014. He had an impressive college career playing football and after college he still craved that challenge.  He wanted to be pushed and in finding CrossFit, he was able to get that. Kharea has been a part of this family since day 1 and we were more than happy to welcome him onto the coaching staff when he expressed interest in doing so. You can find Kharea here for our noon class times!


kelli hull – CFL1

kellitruckKelli has been a big part of the Lake Norman CrossFit community for a number of years. She started off with Mike at CrossFit Cornelius and still remains an active part of that community, as well as a coach there.  Kelli and Eryn have gotten to know each other through their mutual relationship with Mike. At a time where Eryn was looking to add on to the coaching staff at CFJB was the same time that Kelli was looking to expand her coaching hours. She’s not only full of knowledge, but she’s an absolute blast to be around. Kelli is known for her wild hairstyles, her larger than life truck, for always having her lashes done, and for yelling at Eryn for never having her nails done.  This place wouldn’t be the same without her!


jessica evans – CFL1

jesscoachJessica joined CrossFit JuiceBox in September of 2016.  Her and her family moved her from California. She found CFJB within the first few weeks that she was here and instantly she knew it was home.  Jess has been crossfitting for over 4 years, and was in a coaches training program out in CA. As soon as she came to CFJB, Eryn noticed her coaching potential. It didn’t take long for the two of them to decide that Jess would be a great addition to the staff. In January of 2017, Jess got her L1.